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Major Dom took a dive, with Elevation pushing all the "Bear Necessities" at him...300 witnesses on panda's live stream saw us nail this sucker. We will be invoicing them soon!

Fuck you Big Bird!

Mithos a posted Sep 22, 11
So the nerfs have come in to Firelands, kinda surprised it was a massive one time hit, but oh well D: We took down HC Alysrazor with only a few hours work required (with a kill that most likely would have carried over to prenerf values based on the huge DPS we had; 36% first phase cycle!). Gz to all involved! We're targeting basically all of the first six bosses on heroic now, so we'll keep you posted!

Ugs is Legendary!

Mithos a posted Sep 19, 11
So after a little bit of fun with Rag today, we finally finished our first legendary which went to Ugs! There were celebrations to be had in Stormwind afterwards, and we took some screenshots for anyone who wasn't around! Congrats to Ugs and the whole guild for the effort and time invested!

Alderan Congratulations
Korrigan Gratz !!!
Udain a Wheres my freaking Pet Ugs :-) And yes well earnt for all the time and dps you have put in for the guild
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